EMIS Health Data Storage

A data processor acting on our behalf, EMIS Health, is changing certain technical aspects of the way in which it delivers services to us, and as part of this transition it will be moving the data which it hosts on our behalf from its own data centre to a third party data centre, which is owned and operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We are informed that the way in which the AWS service operates means that there is no opportunity for AWS employees to access or view the data held within the EMIS Health allocated areas of the hosting service. The data will be encrypted both at rest and in transit and AWS will not have access to the encryption keys.

From the information provided by EMIS Health, we are satisfied that the security; availability; integrity and confidentiality, of the patient data will improve as a result of the move to the AWS data service. This change does not affect the underlying processing and the manner in which the processing is controlled by the practice (either directly or indirectly via NHS Digital) and from the practice’s and patient’s perspective nothing will change as a result of this technical/ background switch