Dear Patient

We are pleased that lockdown measures are easing and we are all more able to meet up with friends and family. 

Wickham and Droxford Surgery have remained open during the entirety of the pandemic, including our dispensary and reception. We never closed our doors. We have also continued to offer face to face appointments where clinically appropriate.

We have put in place and abided by strict infection control measures to keep both our staff and our patients safe. For now, these measures will need to remain in place. 

Going forwards we will continue to see our patients face to face where it is most appropriate to do so, and as always our reception and dispensary will be open. 

Due to the nature of a Doctors surgery we see unwell and vulnerable patients who remain at great risk from a Covid infection. We will need to continue to take precautions. Our doctors and clinicians will assess and will decide the most appropriate communication and will continue to use a blend of phone calls, texts, e-consults and face to face appointments. 

Published: May 21, 2021

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